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The living balcony in the room is a transitional area with the outside world, but most families only use it to stack sundries or dry clothes. In fact, you can dress up well, and easily turn into a sunny room, a small garden, a leisure place, and fully contact with fresh air and comfortable sunshine. How to decorate and design the balcony platform? Now let's take a look at the decoration effect drawing of others' balcony and terrace first

balcony floor decoration effect drawing I

Decoration effect drawing of balcony terrace introduction to multifunctional balcony terrace design

calligraphy and painting of fish playing in the water: Guangdong custom takes "water" as wealth, and fish has the auspicious metaphor of surplus every year and surplus every year, so the Pisces playing in the water diagram and the nine fish diagram are most suitable to be placed on the "wealth position" of the 45 degree diagonal coin at the front door of the living room, taking its metaphor of "Attracting Wealth"

precautions for mural painting in the living room





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