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The quality of window guardrails directly affects the safety of living, so we must be careful when choosing window guardrails. The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of window guardrail purchase in detail

window guardrail is a kind of protective and safe home decoration that every family should install. With the improvement of the quality of life, we also have certain requirements for the decoration of the home. The quality of window guardrails directly affects the safety of living, so we must be careful when choosing window guardrails. The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of window guardrail purchase in detail

how to choose window guard

1. Look at the quality of window guardrail mesh

the mesh is welded by iron wires of different standards. The strength and diameter of wire rods directly affect the quality of the mesh. In terms of wire selection, wire products pulled out by high-quality wire rods produced by standardized manufacturers are selected

2. The second is the preparation or welding technology of mesh. The technical aspect mainly depends on the operating ability between skilled personnel and production machinery. Generally, a good mesh is that each welding or preparation point can be well connected. Some large factories that produce standard protective fences use full-automatic welding machines, while a small factory uses craft welding, and the general quality is difficult to maintain

3. Look at the quality of window guardrail columns and structures. The column and structure of the guardrail is also a key point of comparison and selection. Some large manufacturers of specifications use angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel used in different parts should also be different

4. Look at the plastic spraying technology of the whole window guardrail mesh. Generally speaking, all protective fences need to pay attention to the uniformity of plastic spraying, and the quality of paint is also very important

what material should we choose for the window guardrail

the common materials of window guardrail are iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc

as one of the latest guardrail materials, aluminum alloy window guardrail is famous for its unique advantage of "non rusting", and has gradually become used by major buildings; The new technology of interpenetration and welding between pipes makes it safer; Light weight, impact resistance (aircraft are all made of aluminum alloy materials)

stainless steel window guardrail is mainly used for the isolation and protection of residential area platforms. The installation speed can be greatly improved by using socket connectors. It is harder than aluminum alloy, more elastic and high impact resistance than cast iron, and its service life can reach more than 30 years; It has a delicate feel, green and environmental protection, and is simple and lively. In general, stainless steel is the best material for windowsill guardrails. Now stainless steel guardrails are the most commonly used. Consumers can choose according to their own needs and economic ability

safety hazards of floating windows without guardrails

if the floating windows in the home are well decorated, it will be a beautiful scenery in the home, but the floating windows in the home without guardrails have great safety hazards. Let's take a look:

1. Children: floating windows without guardrails are the most harmful to children. 2-6-year-old children who are just able to walk and have strong curiosity often go to places such as balcony floating windows to play, Climbing up and down, and children are very curious about the outside world. Such a floating window is prone to accidents

2. The elderly: the floating window without guardrail also believes that the hidden danger lies in the elderly. The elderly will open the window to dry clothes, dry vegetables, carry flowerpots, bask in the sun, and so on. Seemingly simple things will be dangerous if they are not careful

3. Passers by: there are a lot of news about passers-by suffering from sudden disasters. If there is no guardrail on the bay window, it is also troublesome if things fall out of the bay window and hit passers-by

safety reminder of bay window

with the wide use of bay window design, some developers set the protective fence outside the bay window, which is relatively reasonable. Some of the guardrails of the bay window are set on the inside. Many residents knock off the guardrail when they feel that the guardrail of the windowsill is unsightly and unsightly. In fact, this behavior may leave hidden dangers for the safe use of the bay window, especially for families with children, and they should not lose their living safety for the sake of beauty

children prefer to climb on low and spacious windowsills, so the floating window design is not recommended in general children's rooms. If there is a floating window, parents must take protective measures, do not dismantle the guardrail of the floating window privately, and strengthen the care of children at ordinary times

there is nothing trivial about safety! Window guardrails and floating window guardrails must be paid attention to in home decoration

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