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Rongshida's "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity has been warmly pursued by many consumers since its launch. Now the activity has entered the voting link! Pick up your mobile phone and vote for your favorite photos

the "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity of Rongshida home has unconsciously entered the voting link, and the wonderful PK moment is coming soon! Since the event was held on the 10th of this month, it has been loved by many friends, and received many moving photos of beautiful brides, which made Xiaobian have a bridal dream. Now the registration has been closed, and it has officially entered the voting link since yesterday! Friends, don't forget to vote for them while watching

beautiful brides, remember our voting time and call friends to vote for you

voting time:

the first round of PK: April 20 - April 24

enter the "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" official account (wechat mall) to vote. The voting is divided into South China and North China, and finally select the top three votes in the two regions;

the second round of PK: April 26 - April 30

the top three "most beautiful brides" in each region to summarize PK and select a winner with the highest number of votes

then how can you vote for your good friends

Rongshida tells you: share the page of "looking for the most beautiful bride" to your circle of friends or send it directly to your friends. You can participate in the voting after following "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" (wechat mall), or enter the keyword "looking for the most beautiful bride" after following "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" to obtain the voting page

as a Chinese original brand, Rongshida will strive to create a fashionable, comfortable and colorful life for Chinese people





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