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During the May Day holiday, the opening ceremony of etray wardrobe was grandly held in bohuang Jintian building materials home life Plaza, Huadu Commercial Avenue, Guangzhou. In the future, owners of Huadu and surrounding cities will be able to enjoy professional and personalized etray original art brand services more conveniently

on the morning of May 1, 2014, the opening ceremony of etray wardrobe was grandly held at bohuang Jintian building materials home life Plaza, Huadu Commercial Avenue, Guangzhou. On the same day, more than 100 owners and media friends witnessed the original artistic style brought by the etray wardrobe brand. The opening ceremony was grandly held under the auspices of Mr. Wang Jiangtao, marketing director of eatray, and leaders in the household wardrobe industry. As an advocate of original art! The leader of brand wardrobe! It has formed a customized furniture brand integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The largest customized furniture enterprise in China has been adhering to the original etray wardrobe in recent years, and has independently developed a fashion series: "Iraqi Cube", a light antique series "Buckingham Palace", and a high luxury series "Lafite solid wood". To provide consumers with all-round 4S services for new mainstream classic home furnishings, the official opening of Huadu flagship museum is an important measure of etray wardrobe in the Chinese Guangzhou market, which is a milestone for etray wardrobe brand. In the future, the owners of Huadu and its surrounding cities will be able to enjoy the professional and personalized original art brand service of etray more conveniently

the official flagship store of etray wardrobe is another brand upgrading move following the CCTV advertisement in 2014. The 540 square meter official flagship store of etray wardrobe specially hired fank Lee (also the chief design consultant of etray) who is a world-renowned top Upgrade Engineer to lead the design. The first store in South China built at a cost of millions to display more than 100 of the latest products in the industry

in the past 10 years, etray wardrobe has always adhered to innovation and made many contributions to the development of the overall customized wardrobe industry, which has been highly recognized by the industry and the majority of colleagues. It has also won many honorary titles, such as China's environmental logo products, China's top ten brands of overall wardrobe, the gold medal of integrity service fashion design in China's wardrobe industry, China's famous brand, green environmental protection brand, consumer favorite brand, China's excellent overall wardrobe brand, the top ten most influential brands, China's overall home furnishing alliance governing unit, Pan home furnishing top 500 enterprises, etc

become the preferred wardrobe brand for Chinese families! The preferred wardrobe brand for families in the world is the corporate vision. It is all the people of itlai who work hard and bravely, condensing everyone's wisdom and sweat. It is worth all the people of itlai to be gratified and proud, and continue to work hard for it. We have always adhered to originality and high-quality services for the vast number of consumers. So far, nearly 100000 Chinese families have chosen etray wardrobe, which is deeply trusted and loved by consumers. We are grateful for the full support and care of our media friends





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