Shock and upgrade of Kuba gas stove with high-spee

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Recently, with the launch of the new national standard "energy efficiency grade" for the national range hood industry, the new national standard for national gas stoves has also entered the preparatory stage. As we all know, the key to selecting a good gas stove depends not only on the energy efficiency level, but also on the quality of the stove head. The stove head is known as the "heart of the stove" and is the core component of the stove. Generally, the production cost of the stove head accounts for a quarter of the total cost of the whole stove. Therefore, to enhance the core competitiveness of gas stoves, it is essential to build a high-quality stove. Recently, Kuba electric announced that in June, Kuba will upgrade all its gas stoves. At that time, the stoves that originally used cast iron high-temperature plastic spraying will be upgraded to new stoves that incorporate the high-speed rail grade "Dacromet" high-corrosion chromium free porcelain process

according to the person in charge of Kuba electric appliance, "Dacromet" technology has been used in high-tech fields such as ships, bridges, railways, aircraft, etc., bringing high-speed rail grade Dacromet technology to the process of gas stoves. Kuba electric appliance is a leader in the domestic kitchen appliance industry. The cast iron stove head used in the traditional gas stove is easily rusted and corroded under various acid and alkali environments in the kitchen for a long time, and the high temperature resistance and chemical stability of the traditional stove head are poor, which is very easy to affect the life of the stove head and greatly affect the life of the gas stove. The newly upgraded furnace head completely makes up for the various defects of the traditional cast iron furnace head

the reporter saw in Kuba electric appliance laboratory that the newly upgraded "Dacromet" high corrosion-resistant chromium free porcelain process furnace head in Kuba has passed thousands of hours of salt spray test and other corrosion resistance tests in the laboratory, and the surface is still as smooth as new, and the traditional furnace head is rusty after 20 hours; The surface of the newly upgraded furnace head is covered with an ultra-thin film layer less than 1 micron, which is water-resistant, damp and heat resistant, and the furnace head is not easy to be eroded, ensuring the service life of the furnace head and the service life of the gas stove; At the same time, compared with the bulky volume of the traditional furnace head, the newly upgraded furnace head has also been improved in appearance, which is both exquisite and beautiful

it is reported that Kuba Electric has been committed to creating "high-end, efficient, fashionable and atmospheric" kitchen electrical products since its inception, bringing new kitchen concepts to consumers. This shocking upgrade of the Kuba gas stove head into the high-speed rail grade process has once again put the Kuba integrated stove at the forefront of the industry and led the wave of technological innovation in the domestic kitchen utensils industry. At that time, there will be another rush to buy Kuba gas stoves in the market, but Kuba Electric said that in the face of the increase in the cost of gas stoves caused by the upgrading of stoves, Kuba gas stoves will not add a penny until customers are 100% satisfied with their use




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