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Cogent entry point activation, faster access to Aruba global cloud data center

Aruba S. packaging P.A., a leading enterprise in the field of data center and enterprise cloud services, today announced the activation of a new entry point for its international cloud data center (global cloud data center). The new entry point is located in Aruba science and Technology Park in the suburb of Milan and is operated by cogent, an international leading Internet service provider

through the new entry point, Aruba's customers can access the huge international network of cogent covering North America, Europe and Asia. The network is composed of 92000 km of intercity optical cables and 56000 km of urban optical cables, serving more than 204 markets and interconnected with 6840 other networks

the joining of operators of this scale has strengthened Aruba, which already has many operator partners, strengthened the operator lineup of the international cloud data center, and also provided more choices for Aruba's customers. The international cloud data center adheres to the purpose of other data centers under Aruba, maintains a neutral position towards operators, and allows customers to freely choose among many telecom operators. At present, cogent has joined as a first-class operator partner, taking the same seat with Tim, FastWeb, wind tre, retelit, irideos, planetel, Vodafone and other famous operators

with rich access options and balanced Italian international and domestic operator networks, Aruba's network services have reached the highest standards in terms of performance and redundancy guarantee

mr. Lorenzo giuntini, CTO of Aruba, said: the new entry point has added considerable value to our services. Cogent is an international operator. Their joining has enhanced the competitive advantage of the international cloud data center in the global market, and higher quality network transmission has also brought many benefits to our customers

mr. Peter menig, sales director of cogent, said: the degree of interconnection in the world is increasing day by day. It is increasingly important that the neutral access services represented by Aruba international cloud data center should be regularly checked. Cogent is pleased to have the opportunity to provide high-quality IP communication services to customers in Aruba data center

last year, Aruba announced to activate the access point at Milan Internet Exchange (mix), which can be accessed directly from the international cloud data center. Mix is one of the oldest Internet exchanges in Europe, and its traffic is second to none in Italy. Mix uses dual fiber lines to exchange data with many domestic and international operators, providing Aruba with stronger interconnection services

the new entry point marks the next step in Aruba data center network expansion. At present, two new data centers have been added to the international cloud data center technology park. With the growth of data center business, Aruba can provide the highest quality services for international and domestic customers

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about Aruba s.p.a.

aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994, is a leading data center, station hosting, e-mail, certified E-mail (PEC) and domain name registration service provider in Italy. In addition to Italy, Aruba is also active in key European markets such as France, the United Kingdom and Germany. It occupies a leading position in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and has a solid share in Poland and Hungary. The company has profound experience in data center management, and its European network can accommodate more than 200000 servers

at present, the company manages more than 2.7 million domain names, more than 8.6 million e-mail accounts, more than 6.7 million certified e-mail accounts, 130000 physical and virtual servers, with a total of 5.4 million customers. Aruba provides customers with station hosting, public and private cloud, host hosting, exclusive server, digital signature, digital storage, electronic bill, certified E-mail, SSL certificate, smart card and other services

Aruba business enterprise services, established in 2015, provides all the above services to a large network of IT partners. The company's brands are responsible for providing document delivery and recovery services throughout Italy. In the same year, racing started its racing business and entered the super motorcycle world championship together with Ducati's official team. Since 2016, Aruba has become a domain name suffix. The official registry of cloud. For more than ten years, Aruba's enterprises have been providing cloud computing, data center, and information services to enterprise and government customers, and can design, implement and manage highly customized IT solutions

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