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In recent years, the prosperity of China's market economy seems to have also driven the development of food and beverage, daily chemicals, medicine, electronic appliances, supermarket retail, logistics, storage and transportation and other industries. The development of these industries will certainly bring huge business opportunities and broad development space for the related label printing. The self-adhesive label is just the fastest growing branch in the whole label field. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that China's self-adhesive label market will usher in a broader rising space, and the corresponding self-adhesive label printing will also usher in a new spring of development

before understanding the printing of self-adhesive labels, let's start with the basic self-adhesive structures such as cast steel and cast aluminum, which are sometimes used to understand the self-adhesive labels

self adhesive label is also called self-adhesive label. It is generally a composite material with paper, film or special materials as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back and silicon coated paper as the protective paper. It becomes a finished label after printing, die cutting and other processing. When applied, just peel off the backing paper and press it gently to stick to the surface of various substrates, or use the labeling machine to automatically label on the production line

figure 1 The structure diagram of self-adhesive label

the printing of self-adhesive label is very different from the printing of traditional printed matter. The self-adhesive label is usually printed and processed on the label linkage machine, and the printing, die-cutting, waste discharge, slitting, rewinding and other processes are completed at one time, which has high requirements for the printing process and printing equipment

the traditional self-adhesive label printing technology has been quite mature. With the growth of the demand for variable information labels with anti-counterfeiting or traceability functions, digital printing technology has gradually expanded in the field of self-adhesive label printing, and the proportion of business volume of digital labels is also increasing year by year

the common digital self-adhesive printing methods in the market mainly include carbon tape printing, ink-jet printing and laser printing. The speed of carbon tape printing is slow, so it is difficult to cope with large business volume. The inkjet printing quality is not good enough, and the printing materials are limited. Laser printing technology has a good performance in speed, printing quality, substrate material and so on. According to the different curing methods, the digital laser technology in the market can be divided into two categories: thermal printing laser technology and cold temperature laser technology. It is not difficult to find that only the cold temperature laser technology is most suitable for the printing of self-adhesive labels after theoretical analysis and the inspection of practical market applications

introduction to cold temperature laser technology

cold temperature curing method (taking nipson as an example) uses xenon lamp with wavelength matching with carbon powder to irradiate carbon powder, ignites under 25kV high voltage, maintains the ignition state under 400mA current, the instantaneous current is up to 250A when flashing, and goes out when standby. This curing method is very different from the radiation type method. It can continuously emit energy. Due to the wavelength matching effect, the huge energy produced by it only heats the toner and has little impact on the printing medium. The flicker frequency and speed of cold temperature flicker fixer match, so as to ensure the curing effect of label variable information printing content

figure pson cold temperature non-contact carbon powder curing process diagram

introduction advantages of cold temperature technology to ensure safety in self-adhesive label production

glue overflow is a common problem in self-adhesive label printing. Once glue overflow occurs, the generated glue scale will not only seriously affect the printing quality of self-adhesive, but also cause certain damage to the printing equipment. The reasons for adhesive overflow mainly come from the label material itself and the adhesive printing equipment

for the glue overflow caused by material quality, the only solution is to try to select high-quality adhesive label raw materials to ensure the basic adhesive label quality; The improper selection of printing equipment is often the culprit of adhesive overflow

the curing temperature of thermal printing laser technology at about 200 ℃ and its large hot stick pressure often expose the phenomenon of adhesive overflow. The birth of cold temperature laser technology completely eliminates this drawback when laser printing technology is applied in the field of adhesive labels. Taking nipson cold temperature technology as an example, its curing temperature will not exceed 50 ℃, and the substrate medium will not be heated when the carbon powder is cured, which will avoid the problems of medium water loss and deformation caused by the thermal printing laser technology, and will not cause glue overflow of adhesive materials, avoid equipment damage, and greatly facilitate the subsequent processing of the product

in addition to avoiding adhesive overflow and improving the printing quality of adhesive labels, cold temperature laser technology also has some other unique advantages

other application advantages of the cold temperature technology and its tightness should be suitable for

the ultra-low curing temperature of the cold temperature technology makes all components of the printing equipment unaffected by the high temperature. Excellent high-end cold temperature laser printers, such as the nip data experiment machine son, which stops the impact experiment, have its own automatic cooling system, which can ensure long-time work and reduce losses, and the service life of consumables is much longer than that of ordinary printing equipment, The production cost is effectively reduced. In addition, its advantages of high speed and high production capacity can further ensure the stability of production

the cold temperature technology can not only easily handle the printing business of self-adhesive label materials, but also realize the high-quality printing of label numbers and bar codes on coated paper, offset paper, PVC and other media. In addition, the cold temperature printer can also complete secondary variable information printing on the silver paste coating. At present, the medium-sized cold temperature laser printer commonly used in the label field must use perforated paper, while the high-end cold temperature laser printer can also use the non perforated paper feeding method for high-speed and efficient production

nowadays, with its high-quality self-adhesive printing quality, cold temperature laser technology has become the most advantageous self-adhesive label printing technology in the hearts of many printing enterprises who "taste its sweetness". Its strong business expansion effect and extensive media processing capacity have gradually attracted more and more investment eyeballs. We believe that with the continuous expansion of the self-adhesive digital label market, the cold temperature laser printer will also usher in a broader market prospect

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