The hottest COFCO packaging settled in Wuqing Deve

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COFCO packaging entered Wuqing Development Zone

in the new year, Tianjin Development Zone head office, in accordance with the general requirements of the District Committee of the Communist Party of China, "taking advantage of the situation, taking out the jaw clamp, striving to overcome difficulties, seizing the commanding height, and realizing a new leap", seized the opportunity of the northward move of the southern project, actively went out, vigorously publicized the advantages of Wuqing Development Zone in location, transportation, service, industrial supporting facilities, etc., and attracted a number of large-scale investment Advantageous projects with strong driving force in the industrial belt

1 in January, the Development Zone introduced five projects, with a total investment of 1.38 billion yuan (including 160million US dollars of foreign capital) and a registered capital of 500million yuan. Both indicators reached the best level in the same period. Among them, the packaging projects invested by wise food (Group) Co., Ltd. (one of the world's top 500 enterprises) which has a variety of contact types between eliminated national grain and oil samples, with a phase I investment of US $60million (registered capital of US $20million), will become the largest food metal packaging manufacturing base in northern China after completion

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