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COFCO Futures: China needs a strong Shanghai rubber market. On April 22, for the models equipped with hydraulic chucks, the Japanese rubber plummeted by 8 yen on Tuesday, and Shanghai Rubber remained stable at 20500 yuan. On April 24 and Thursday, the Japanese rubber fell by more than 4 yen, and Shanghai Rubber remained stable at 20500 yuan. When we analyze various deep-seated reasons, we firmly believe that China needs a strong Shanghai rubber market

first, in the face of the outbreak of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis and the Chinese market taking powerful drugs, the situation in Shanghai Jiao futures has been improved. The decline of the U

secondly, the Shanghai Rubber (3) universal experimental machine can not do both stretching and tortuous experiments at the same time. After a sharp decline, popularity needs to be restored. The corrective action of the Shanghai rubber price is really quietly carried out. Under the strong effect of the Shanghai rubber price, the decline of the Japanese rubber is narrowed and the foundation of the Shanghai rubber market is consolidated, which is the first step towards a strong long march for China's Shanghai rubber market

thirdly, investors have been secretive about the trading targets of Shanghai Jiaotong, causing investors to sit in distress; Perhaps it is because Shanghai Jiao is the subject that can reflect the actual situation in China, and because Shanghai Jiao is different from other market subjects, such as Thailand, Singapore and Japan, which has become the basis for China's blueprint for the rubber market, so that the healthy development of China's rubber market is concerned by foreigners

finally, how to interpret China's Shanghai Jiao market and China's commodity market? A new round of Chinese voice on commodity prices will erupt in the global commodity market; HuJiao is the leader in the rise and fall of Chinese commodities and the first crab eater to make a sound of Chinese commodities in the world market. The recent stabilization of the rubber price in Shanghai rubber market relative to the external market has caused various disputes among the participants in the hardness measurement of rubber and plastics. However, respect for the market is respect for market efficiency, which is what every investor must do; How to judge the valuation risk of commodities and prevent the domestic market from becoming a foreign shadow market must be considered by all market participants such as the government

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