The hottest Coca Cola gradually abandons PVC packa

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Coca Cola gradually abandons PVC packaging materials at the sustainable supplier summit held on November 23, Coca Cola China explained to its partners the green goal of strengthening the convergence of industrial talents directly related to the supply chain

Coca Cola proposed to reduce the utilization rate of packaging by 7% by 2015 compared with 2008, and gradually stop using PVC in packaging, striving to reduce the carbon emission intensity by% by 2020 compared with 2004

in addition, Coca Cola also proposed to reduce the energy consumption level of refrigerators by% compared with that in 2000 by putting into use new refrigerators and other emission reduction measures such as displaying torque, angular displacement, torque angular displacement curve and the working state of experimental machines During the warranty period, suppliers are encouraged to put forward innovative ideas to practice the concept of sustainable development according to these specific objectives and in combination with the local market demand in China

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