The hottest coke bottle should not be recycled

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Coke bottles: it is better not to recycle

for many citizens, the repeated use of plastic drink bottles is a living habit. The parts after heat treatment should not have cracks and other defects. Especially some elderly people often save these bottles for waste use. However, recently, it is widely said that repeated use of mineral water bottles will cause cancer. Therefore, friends like Miss Zhou feel worried after seeing it and will dissuade their parents from doing so

we found that many families have the habit of repeatedly using plastic drink bottles, which are used as containers for soy sauce and so on. I have used it for more than ten years, and I have no problem with my health! Zhangquanfa, who lives in luomenxi village in the urban area, said that his family usually uses these bottles to contain soy sauce and vegetable oil. He disagreed with the idea that it would cause cancer

then, the actual stress is increasing. Will repeated use of plastic beverage bottles produce carcinogenic and other harmful substances? Because of the particularity of plastic materials, its molecules are more active, but whether it will produce carcinogens has not been decided yet. According to the introduction of the professor of the Department of chemistry of the College of Arts and Sciences, pet, HDPE and PP marked in plastic beverage bottles are the codes of plastic materials, which have nothing to do with the safety index. Pet is not resistant to high temperature, and harmful substances in plastic bottles will decompose under high temperature, but there are few harmful substances. HDPE has relatively strong high temperature resistance, while PP has the strongest heating capacity

in addition, the relevant experts of the Municipal Health Bureau reminded the public: the data and curve dynamic show that it is best not to recycle the kind of bottles, because in this process, if the high-pressure and oil supply buttons are pressed in sequence and the disinfection is not in place, it is easy to breed bacteria and lead to human infection

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