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With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of technology, our living standards are rapidly improving. Mobile phones, TVs, cars and other consumables are changing with each passing day, and the cabinets that carry our most basic living needs are also becoming more and more humanized and high-end. In the face of new technologies and achievements that dazzle us. What are the convenient choices for cabinets? Let's have a look

as Marlowe's demand theory tells us, when people have satisfied a low-level demand, they will want higher demand. When we no longer worry about food and clothing, and life no longer stays in the basic state, what we think is how to improve our quality of life? Just like the kitchen is no longer simply satisfied with cooking, it is more about how to make kitchen life more comfortable and convenient

three side pull basket

the three side pull basket design is used, which is convenient, simple and practical. Bowls, dishes, basins, etc. can be placed. It is made of stainless steel, which is corrosive, easy to scrub, matched with the slide rail, and can be pushed and pulled freely

swing basket

swing basket is installed in the flush open pool cabinet, and the upper part can swing left and right; It can avoid the bottom of the pool freely and make effective use of space; With its own slide rail, it can push and pull freely; The basket can also be taken down as a whole and hung everywhere, which is novel and interesting

stop at will in Germany

open and close at will, stop anywhere; Soft, smooth and noiseless; Effectively solve the requirements of different heights for the opening and closing of cabinet doors

magnetic suction trash can

is sucked into the cabinet, which is convenient for loading and unloading and is conducive to cleaning; Hidden in the cabinet to reduce kitchen space pollution; Clean operation space to keep a happy mood

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