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In May, the season for all things to grow, Le Zai should not only "earn his own living to make the buds grow", but also make the buds grow thick and strong! This may day, Le Zai brought a lot of surprises, making you scream

in May, the season when all things grow, Le Zai should not only "earn his own living and grow the buds", but also make them thick and strong! This may day, Le Zai brought a lot of surprises, making you scream! Please listen to le Yijia carefully:

show off your wealth set meal, surprise "bud" price

during the May Day holiday, Le Zi shop "bud" set meal was officially on the shelves, and the first ten sets were all surprise "bud" price. The new products of blister cabinets are launched, and smoke machines, gas stoves and water basins are also brought. There are all kinds of large kitchen items, and the price is definitely the direct price of the manufacturer. If you go to the local lezai shop and meet the shop owner, the business is too good and the order is busy, you can take out your mobile phone and finish it in one minute in the online shop of lezai's home, and you can also get Lexiao electricity worth hundreds of oceans! Quickly rub your hands and get ready to make a reservation

if you are decorating your new home, are you still thinking about the decoration style of your home? If you have difficulties, find Le Zai. This may day, Le Zai brought Hong Kong style new house set meals, cabinets, wardrobes, screen cabinets, plus those electrical appliances in the kitchen. It's done for you at one time. Do you still need to run around? Le Zai simply can't watch it. He can't have a good holiday. Le Zai wants your home to be the best to look at, and secretly gives you a wardrobe with opposite doors for free. Hurry to pay attention to le Zai's official account, or go to le Zai shops around the world to consult and check it

surprise "bud" even more. Rich and willful red envelope rain is coming.

in Le Zi shop, in addition to the price of set meal surprise "bud", can you grab red envelopes if you have nothing to do? You heard right. Enter the store, scan the QR code, and join the wechat group of local music fans. The boss is very happy every day. There is no limit to the happy time every night. The "storm" strikes. You can grab red envelopes crazily without spending! Renew the passion of the New Year! Moreover, you can also call your uncle, aunt, Grandpa, grandma, father, mother, brother and sister to grab red envelopes. It's really fun for the whole family

little labor, stick to your beloved parents

little labor, little clothes folding expert! Le Zai's home is not only good and cheap, but also interesting. Every Saturday from April 25 to May 10, Le Zi shop will hold a "little labor Ya" folding contest. Welcome parents to bring your cute babies to participate! Dolls folded neatly and quickly can get gifts in the store. Looking at the cute baby at home folding his clothes neatly or taking part in different times, does the joy and emotion in his heart warm his heart? To deepen the understanding and communication with children is what Le Zai attaches most importance to~





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