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Speed up production capacity and lock in long orders

under the situation of new PV installed capacity and potential demand growth, the overall PV glass production capacity is in a tight state. A few days ago, several photovoltaic glass manufacturers announced to expand their production, and Fuyao Glass, an automotive glass giant, also announced to enter the photovoltaic glass field

in order to ensure the stable supply of photovoltaic glass, photovoltaic module enterprises are frequently locking the glass through long orders. After half a year, the fixed increase of Follett finally landed

on the evening of January 20, Follett released the report on non public offering of shares. The actual non-public offering was 84.545 million shares, with an issue price of 29.57 yuan per share and a total raised capital of 2.5 billion yuan

it is reported that RMB 2.5 billion will be used for the phase II project with an annual output of 750000 tons of photovoltaic module cover glass and the project with an annual output of 42million square meters of photovoltaic. Photo source: graphene flagship company backplane glass project and supplementary working capital, with the amount of RMB 1.4 billion, RMB 333million and RMB 750million respectively

for the phase II project of 750000 T/a photovoltaic module cover glass, Follett said in the previously disclosed fixed increase plan, "A PV module cover glass production line with domestic self-developed core technology will be built. The daily melting capacity of the kiln is about 2400 tons/day. It is planned to complete the plant decoration construction, installation and commissioning of the production line and put it into operation within 18 months. The production capacity can be reached within 6 months after the project is started, and the annual production capacity will be 79.5535 million square meters after the project is completed."

for the photovoltaic backplane glass project with an annual output of 42million square meters, six photovoltaic backplane glass tempering and coating production lines will be built, and the construction period is 18 months

the aforementioned industry analyst pointed out that "for the glass production enterprises, it is very important that the equipment industry department will thoroughly implement the 109 spirit of the party and reduce costs by large-scale operation. The cost of glass products produced by kilns with a daily melting capacity of 1000 tons is 10% to 20% lower than that of glass products with a daily melting capacity of 650 tons."

fulette has been identified as 18 public offering institutions, including Ruiyuan, Nanfang, Jingshun Great Wall, Bank of China and CAITONG, with a total allocated amount of 635million yuan

it is worth mentioning that Goldman Sachs C, a foreign-funded institution, received a large number of allocated shares in this fixed increase, with a total of 15.218 million shares, with an amount of 450million yuan, accounting for 26% of the total fund-raising amount. CSC also appeared in the list of objects to be issued this time, with an allocated amount of 130million yuan

at the end of last year, Follett announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary planned to invest about 4.35 billion yuan to build five photovoltaic module glass projects with a daily melting capacity of 1200 tons

according to the Research Report of Wanlian, the actual annual production capacity of fulette photovoltaic glass is expected to reach 2.89 million tons in 2021, with a simultaneous increase of more than 60%; In 22, the actual annual production capacity reached 4.66 million tons, an increase of more than 160% over 20 years

here, according to these materials of the sample, they can meet the requirements of the charging pile shell for weather resistance, drop resistance, environmental protection, etc. the specifications and dimensions are released following the fixed increase landing announcement, which is the sales contract signed between fulette and Dongfang Risheng

on January 21, Follett announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfang Risheng on the sale of photovoltaic glass. Dongfang Risheng would purchase a total of 34gw photovoltaic delay pressing glass for modules from the company in the next three years, and the specific order price would be determined through monthly negotiation. According to the current market price, the estimated total contract amount is about 8.908 billion yuan

Follett said that the signing of the agreement is conducive to the market promotion of large-size and thin-film photovoltaic glass products of Follett Glass Group Co., Ltd., increase the sales of photovoltaic glass and further improve the business performance

this is the second long order recently obtained by Follett

on the evening of December 30, 2020 earlier, Follett announced the strategic cooperation agreement with Jingke energy. Jingke energy will purchase 59gw photovoltaic calendered glass for modules from the company in the next three years, with an estimated total contract amount of about RMB 14.196 billion

according to the current market price of photovoltaic glass, the total amount of fulette's orders on hand is 23.104 billion yuan, accounting for 2459.97% of the company's total assets of 9.392 billion yuan in 2019

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