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One week production and sales dynamics of Yanhua

at present, Yanshan Petrochemical high voltage device line 1 normally produces 1i2a, line 2 produces 1f7b, and line 3 produces 1c7a. Most of the sales are almost blank; On the other hand, it is difficult for China's industry to develop rapidly in recent years. This week, the three products were listed irregularly, and the regional Jinan experimental machine factory taught us how to confirm the experimental range price of the spring experimental machine and the policy of no discount for half a year acceptance, but the inventory is still high

the production of new HV is normal this week, and LD100 is mainly produced in the near future. At present, some new high-voltage brands, such as LD100 and ld160, are listed irregularly, and the preferential policies of regional price and half year acceptance without discount interest are implemented. Due to the low price of LD100, the sales are smooth, the inventory is small, and the inventory of other varieties is also low

this week, the production of low-voltage devices was normal. At present, one line produces 5000S and the other line starts to produce 6100m of pipe materials. This week, the 5000S and 7 implemented the listing price policy for 000f, a product whose use conditions or exceeding the use conditions specified in the relevant standards would cause high food safety risks. On Thursday, the products raised locally for the first time flipped. The early listing price of the 5000S and 7000F was 6100, and the current flipping price was 5850, and the re listing price was 6000. At the same time, the above two varieties still implemented the regional price and the half year acceptance non discount policy, but the recent low-pressure sales were still very flat, Average inventory

polypropylene plant production is normal this week. Line 1 produces wire drawing material 2401, line 2 produces co injection plastic k8303, and line 3 produces pipe material 4220. This week, the sales of polypropylene general-purpose materials were average, so the policy of half a year acceptance without discount interest was introduced, with regional prices. The sales of special materials are OK, and the inventory is not too high

polystyrene normally produced 666d this week, and the listing policy was implemented this week. 6300 was listed in the early stage, and the price was changed to 6100 in the fourth week, and 6200 was re listed. At present, the sales are still relatively general, so the inventory under the regional price policy is general

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